Truth be told, the past few months have been more than turbulent thanks to COVID-19. The virus has had a profound effect on people’s businesses and lives, as well as grinding the economy to pretty much a standstill. Although it has been a very trying time, things are starting to look up as businesses start to re-open and are able to trade once more. At INOV8 Marketing, we thought we would put together a helpful little article outlining the importance of communicating key changes that customers will come to find in your business.

When it comes to people’s health, there isn’t any room for misjudgements and confusing information. Be clear and concise about what you are doing to protect them, and be clear on what they can do to help. Although people will be used to the mandatory instructions, it is important to re-iterate your own policies.

We’ve helped clients over the past few months put together videos, update their website, create social media posts and more. Here are a few ideas on the best way to communicate the changes to potential visitors.


  • Posters – Simple yet effective, you can have these displayed before you enter an establishment, with clear instructions and icons to make the information easy to take in. You can then have them displayed wherever you think would be necessary to remind people.

  • FAQ’s Page – Put a detailed FAQ’s page on your website. This will show potential customers and clients all the preventative measures you are taking to keep people safe, and this could also encourage them to come and visit. Here is an example of one we’ve created for our client Hope Nature Centre.

  • Social Media – If you have a social media presence, use this to communicate the changes customers can come to expect when visiting. A great example of this is Alton Towers Resort, a theme park in Staffordshire. They created a video showing the changes you will come to expect when visiting, but also ensured it was a positive video, encouraging visitors.

  • Emails – If you have an email database, you can communicate these changes through these channels as well, telling customers what they will expect when you re-open. However, ensure the communication is relevant and required, as people’s inboxes will be filled with similar messages.

At INOV8 Marketing, we think that it is important to be concise with the information your giving to your future customers. Our three golden rules are;


Ensure that your communications are simple and easy to understand. The use of icons, graphics and minimal text will help visitors of all ages understand the rules in place, and the part they have got to play.


Tailor your communications to your target audience, as this will help to make it easier for them to understand. As an example, if children make up a high proportion of your audience, then you may want to think about doing a simplified version of your safety requirements. Make it colourful and bright, with easy to understand language.


Ensure that the part of your communication is relevant to your audience. There is COVID-19 information overload, so make sure your communications are clear, concise, and warranted.

There is no denying, it is going to be a difficult time for businesses, but keeping customers informed and showing what you are doing to help protect them will certainly help to put their minds at ease, encouraging them back to visit you. As ever, if you require any help curating content or design work to help with your communication strategy, feel free to get in touch with us.



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