Welcome to 2020 everyone, a new decade, and lots of new possibilities. We’re not Mystic Meg, but we’ve had a look into our crystal ball to see if we can decipher any trends in marketing for 2020. We always gear our articles towards small businesses and their marketing needs, so we’ve broken things down into easily digestible chunks, so you can see if something is relevant for you and your business. So, lets dive in and see what’s around the corner.


Chatbots aren’t a new phenomenon, and you have most likely encountered them in a customer service environment. In terms of marketing, Chatbots are still a fairly new and unfamiliar territory, but in customer service, they’ve been helping out for years. So how can a Chatbot help increase customer engagement for your small business? According to Hootsuite, people are 3.5 times more likely to open a Facebook Message than an email, so that’s an already winning statistic.

If building a Chatbot sounds like a terrifying experience, then we’ve got some good news! There are a whole heap of tools that can help you build a ‘basic bot’, which can help to streamline a variety of marketing tasks and get you engaging with your audience. Chatfuel, Mobile Monkey and Chatkit are all a good starting point if it is something that you were interested in trying out. You don’t need a computer science degree and a million-pound marketing budget, as a variety of these tools are free to use.


We all know we spend to much time on our phones, but in 2020, we will see the start of a movement to do something about it. According to SmartInsights, more and more users of social media and digital devices are having a Digital Detox, or just putting some time aside to read the paper instead of a phone screen.

At this point, it would be understandable for you to let out a gasp of exasperation, as you’ve spent lots of time and effort building up a large online social media following and mastering your website. However, all it not lost, as we pointed out in one of our recent articles, print marketing is having a resurgence since people are making the decision to ditch the device and read a magazine, newspaper etc. Take a peek at the article here, as we have some handy pointers on how to take advantage of print marketing and why it should be part of your marketing strategy. One big takeaway is that people are more focused when engaging with print marketing, so it is sometimes easier to get their attention, rather than trying when they scroll through their phones.


Whether looking to grow email lists, sending your invoices, requesting feedback or posting on social media, there will be a tool to help cut down the admin and free up some more time. For those who want to really delve into more information about workflow automation, check out this fantastic article from Techradar!

A couple of tools we would highly recommend is Mailchimp, which has some great tools to help automate the email subscriber and e-commerce purchasing journey. Hootsuite can help when managing multiple social media accounts, allowing you to schedule posts to a variety of social media platforms with an intuitive management system. Both come highly recommend by INOV8, and they didn’t even pay us to say that!


As a small business, you’ve already got something that the likes of big online retailers and corporates don’t have, and that is personal affinity to your brand and business. The age-old saying ‘people buy people’ is true to some extent, as people buy into your business, choosing to because they are helping you. There have been huge marketing campaigns from the likes of Visa and American Express to encourage people to buy local, and this is now starting to get traction.

By building a community, whether this is online via social media or offline, it enables people to understand your story, and choosing to support your business instead of large global conglomerate, and this is becoming even more relevant in 2020. Ideas on building a community around your business could include: donating the profit of a specific product to a local charity, hosting special events for your customers/clients, or a special offer for those who are regular customers. By building a sense of community and loyalty, customers will soon become advocates of your business, telling others about your products/services, and helping to increase your customer base.


Influencers are now big business online, and 2020 will see the increase of their marketing power. But how can 2020 be different? One-way businesses can benefit from influencers in 2020 is by creating meaningful partnerships. By this we mean you’ll need to go beyond offering freebies, and find influencers that share your business values, and create a partnership that benefits both parties. Consumers are turning off to the constant hard-sell across social media, so going into a partnership can be another way of mitigating the ‘hard sell’.


Late in 2019, Instagram and Snapchat launched a new feature called shoppable posts. It elevates the users shopping experience, showing followers the cost of something in your online store, and having a direct link to the items, making it even easier to make a purchase. It even embeds the checkout via social media, so getting your customers to purchase something has never been easier!

It’s a handy tool that is sure to be well used in 2020 if you sell online. If this is something you think you could benefit from, check out this great article from Later.com, showcasing how to get it all set up!


Whilst social media growth shows no signs of slowing down, some platforms such as Twitter have found user numbers starting to plateau. However, one platform which has seen a huge boom is Reddit. Over the past year, Reddit has seen over a 30% increase in its monthly users, averaging around 430 million and growing. So, could Reddit be a new door to open for your business?

According to an article by Gartner “61% of user conversations are about brand guides and product recommendations, while 29% are reviews, signalling the consumer desire for in-depth product education”. If you are in the business of selling a service, or looking at helping to increase brand awareness, then Reddit could be for you!


So, there you have it, our 2020 ‘what’s coming’ round up. We’ll put the tarot cards down now! It’s going to be another interesting year for small businesses, as consumer trends change, and people start to back away from digital in an attempt to reduce their time online. Have we missed anything? Leave us a comment below if you have any further thoughts on 2020 marketing trends!

As ever, INOV8 Marketing remains at your service, as a fresh pair of eyes to help with your marketing planning, or to help support your marketing efforts for the year ahead. Get in touch if you need us on [email protected], or drop us a DM ?



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